An after school club in Wake County, NC for developing character and leadership skills through community service projects.

Briarcliff Elementary

  Welcome to the Briarcliff Elementary club site.

  Chapter Leader: Courtney Ramsey
Announcements:  The Briarcliff Elementary club will be led this year by Ms. Wooten.  Ms. Wooten is the School Counselor and thoroughly enjoys work with students in many capacities.  Welcome Ms. Wooten.  
Schedule of Events
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 February 2015  
We had a North Carolina Forrest Ranger join us. He gave us some great information about his job and also, shared with us a program on forest animals in the area. 

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 October 2014 Random Acts of Kindness & Paying it Forward
We will discuss the concept of 'paying it forward' and apply it through the creation of TriKindness Notebooks.  The kids will list in the booklet something nice that they did for their teacher and leave the booklet on the teacher’s desk! 
They do not sign their names (all is anonymous.)  Then the teacher will do the same to someone else and all our booklets will go around Briarcliff spreading kindness!

We will also create a Compliment Box.  Students will be able to write a note and leave it in the box.  Ms. Wooten will occasionally share these compliments on the morning announcements. We will do this to get them in the right mindset for making the TriKindness Notebooks.  They will brainstorm as a group on ideas to do for TriKindess booklets and will decorate "SMILE ROCKS" rocks to give to someone unexpectedly.  
The decorated rocks are meant to be left as a surprise!  

 September 2014 Recycling and Compost Service Project
We will discuss the importance of the recycling, reusing, and composting.  For this project we will use a game provided by the Town of Cary to discuss what products can be donated, recycled, or used for compost. The game will demonstrate that few items really need to be added to the trash the goes to our landfills.
The second part of this project will be creating our very own compost in a bucket! This will consist of soil, water, food scraps (from our snack), other compostable materials found in nature (leaves, grass clippings). The students will have the opportunity to collect these items and help layer them into our bin. We will monitor the bin in future meetings.
 January 2014 TriKindness Notebooks-Make TriKindness notebooks and do random acts of kindness for the school and to pass around the school getting everyone to participate in being kind.
 February 2014 Rack Pack Bags for USO-  Decorate and stuff Rack Pack Bags for USO, which will be given to soldiers returning from active duty.  The bags are stuffed with supplies(mostly toiletries) to get them through their first 48 hours.  I am in talks with Walgreens for donations of supplies.
 March 2014 Raleigh Rescue Mission Placemats- The Raleigh Rescue mission requests fun, laminated place mats for the residents at the shelter.  We will have a speaker come out and talk with the kids about what they do at Raleigh Rescue Mission and why it is important.  Kids will create inspiring and whimsical art to brighten up the dining area for the residents
 April 2014 Wake County SPCA will come visit your class and bring a cute, furry critter along. The kids will use scrap material to make dog toys by tying knots in scrap cloth. Kids also will make signs with the names of specific animals who need a little extra love and color in their living space. And possibly bake doggy treats.
 May 2014 Reunion Party Book Drive-  At Briarcliff, we are having an end of year reunion party/book drive!  We will be inviting both Fall and Spring session kids to come.  The kids will be cleaning out their bookshelves, and donating books to our summer reading program.  Since we did a ton of fundraising for our service projects throughout the year, we have $450 left in the budget that we are able to donate to the school library to buy books for the school!

 December 2013
Our World and Nature- Build Birdhouses to Give to Neighbors

We will discuss how birds need homes in the winter, and have a park ranger from Crowder Park come out and do a program on birds and winter.  We will have Home Depot come out and teach the kids how to build bird houses and paint them.  The kids will then take the bird houses and give it to someone to provide a nice, safe and warm home for the birds in the winter.  Create Bird Balls with yarns and strings to hang in the yards for the birds to use as nesting materials.  

 November 2013
Our Community- Give Thanks to Firefighters

The children will make thank you cards, cookies, and a beautiful “Thank You” Plaque for the Police or Fire Station.  Ramsey Art Methods will teach the kids to stamp and paint cards.  The children will bake some special treats for the firefighters.  Mrs. Dale, Art teacher at Briarcliff, will come and help with the Thank You plaque.  We will have the Fire Fighters come out and pick up the cards, plaque and treats.  Some kids will read their thank you cards to the group, some will be presenters.  The organization will then do a short program and show them their vehicles. 

 October 2013

Nature Service Project: 

Butterfly, Wildlife & Sensory Gardens

This week we will be working on installing our "Outdoor Classroom Gardens".  These gardens are intended to be used by the teachers and students to learn different curriculum throughout the year, bringing the classrooms outdoors.  We will be installing a Butterfly Garden, a Wildlife Garden, and a Sensory Garden. Ms. Lane will join us to talk with the children about how the school can use the gardens. Home Depot team from Cary will help us install and learn about the plants/planting process. Thank you to Home Depot of Crossroads/Cary for donating over $350 worth of plants,dirt, mulch, bird houses and other goodies for our garden! Also a big thanks to Garden Supply Company of Cary for donating over $400 worth of plants, and Town of Country Hardware of Saltbox Village for giving us a huge discount on a wonderful solar water fountain! Also, thank you to the Scrap Exchange of Durham for donating $25 towards supplies for our projects.

 September 2013
Our Families - Design Family Fitness Programs

The children will be taught different types of fitness routines, design one for their family, and then take it home to teach their families.  The Cary YMCA Super Skippers National Jump Rope Team will come and do a performance and teach the kids skills.  A personal trainer and body builder champion will come and help us learn exercise techniques using just the resistance of our bodies (no equipment needed).  A dietician will come and teach the kids about healthy eating.  We will form family workout routines for the kids to take home and teach their families.


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